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Ugh, Post Office

Look okay, the post office is a very like 18th century thing. We are better than this 21st century America!

So I don’t like the post office. I literally have anxiety when I walk in there. It’s because the whole idea of the post office is letting go which is pathetic, but I can’t deal with the loss of control.

Like do you know how your package gets there? And you’re like “yea the mail man”. But you don’t Really know how it gets there. It’s like some magic sh*t. You pay a fee and poof. GONE.

So this “I don’t know how it gets there” nonsense I try to avoid at. all. costs. Like I’d rather drive an hour to the store to buy something than buy it on Amazon and pray it gets here. It’s not you Amazon. It’s the post office.

Cause I mean the term “going postal” came from somewhere. Where? The post office. I don’t my package to be the cause of someone loosing their mind and rage quitting.

I know this is all ridiculous, and it’s a blown out of proportion how much I hate the post office, but …

TL;DR :   I don’t like the post office, because I’m afraid my mail will never get there. #anxiety

So why am I even sending a package? Well. My boyfriend is a US Marine. He’s been stationed in Japan for 1 month and we’ve been dating for 6 months. We’re been long distance since the get-go.

The only thing that’s been keeping me together is about him being so far is 1) we typically talk twice a day and 2) Pinterest.

Pinterest is literally saving my life. It has everything from cute care packages to romantic coming home ideas. So I day dream about him and design little boxes to send him.


I finally got his mailing address so this will be my first box! It’s filled with mostly pantry food like power bars, beef jerky, and candy. Although, I made him chocolate chip cookies too [which I’m not really convince will make it there in one piece, but we’ll see…]. But in order to get it to him…I have to mail.

I’ve been reading all these blogs on dating/being married to military spouses to help adjust myself to dating a Marine, but really it’s just a headache.

So I went to FedEx yesterday to send his box and before I even got out of the car I thought “I bet they can’t mail it, because it’s a special address like a PO box”, but it was Sunday and the post office was closed. But I didn’t remember that until I was half was across town. So I gave up and went to work.

While I was at work, I decided to investigate if my hunch had been true. Well a 5 minute long video from FedEx which I skimmed through said at the beginning “We now mail to APO/FPO addresses” aka military bases. And I thought “Sweet! I was wrong.” Until today when I showed up at FedEx and the FedEx dude told me I was wrong. They don’t. #ShouldveWatchedTheWholeVideo

TL;DR :  The mailing services hate.

Welcome to the struggle bus.

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