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Too often, there is a divide in culture: you can be pretty or you can be smart. Don’t even dare to consider being both!

Well I think that’s bull$h*t. It’s the twenty first century.

Be girly. Be smart. Be feminine. Be you.

Petri Dish Pearls – beauty and brains all in one

I think beauty and brains are a force to be wrecked with. Be whatever you want. Be you. 
Stop thinking if you have to be a certain why if you’re a nerd, and stop dumping yourself down if you’re hot. Two is better than one.

This blog is to encourage women of all ages to embrace all sides of who are you. Rare and uncut.

Specifically blending being a geek and being a girl girl – be totally srat while being a total science nerd. That’s where I got the name Petri Dish Pearls, because while you may spend all day in the lab or working with petri dishes that doesn’t mean you can’t be gorgeous.

What you’ll find:

Inspiration, humor, relatable stories, and thoughtful ideas.



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